Fikri  Rice  Sdn  Bhd,   a  company of  most  reputed  and fast  growing Business,  is a leading   manufacturing   and marketing  of Imported and Local Rice in the  country.  It was formed in early 2013  as a result  of potential untapped market opportunities   in the rice industries especially in the middle  and high  end market. Besides,  lacking  of Bumiputera  player in the manufacturing     and  distribution   sector nationally  has inspired   Fikri Rice Sdn  Bhd embarks its business  by establishing   a new rice factory in Batu  Pahat,  Johar and  Sungai Petani,  Kedah. ​ In order  to complement its   processing   factory,  FRSB sets up a few branches for the  purpose or  distribution  of  rice  which  is  located in Kuantan, lpoh,   Kelantan   and Selangor.     It  processing plant  features several new technological advancements made in the field of rice processing.  Our state of the art processing unit are able to process 40 metric tonne of rice yearly.  Our Quality Testing lab and Warehousing facility resides in  strategic  area and able to to supply rice to customer with the storage capacity of 3,000  metric tonne. ​ The  company  is  selling  its products  under  the well-recognized   brands through  modern  trades and   traditional  retailers.  The growing  demand  of our products  in  the local  market   has given   us a chance   to target  new clientage  in every region  of the country.